Darren Kellner's
1967 Beaumont Custom

A Piece of Canadian History
If you haven't already visited Darren Kellner's 1967 Beaumont Custom within the Manitoba Pontiac Association's web site, please go there now.  Here ere some more notes about this Canadian Classic.

This is my latest restoration, a 1967 Pontiac Beaumont Custom.   The Pontiac Beaumont was built in Oshawa, Ontario for sale in Canada only.   Production began in 1962 and ceased at the end of 1969.  This seven year run produced a Canadian Built Classic.

The Beaumonts were initially the Pontiac cousins of the Nova and in later years, cousins to the Chevelle, using only a Chevrolet power train.   My particular Beaumont Custom came equipped with the following options:

  • Beaumont Custom V8 (VIN code 736)
  • Two Door Coupe (VIN code 17)
  • Exterior Trim - Marina Blue (Trim code F)
  • Interior Trim - Medium Bright Blue vinyl (Trim code 731)
  • Front Bucket Seats (RPO code A51)
  • Vinyl Top (RPO code C08)
  • Vinyl Top colour - Black (Trim code TOP27)
  • Floor Mounted Console (RPO code D55)
  • Powerglide Transmission (RPO code M35)

In the Beginning ........
I purchased the car in the fall of 1998. It was considered street ready; in my opinion it wasn't.

When I bought the car, the interior looked good thanks to seat covers.  Upon further examination it was considered rough. These photos show what I saw after I took the seat covers off.


I removed the seats and had them reupholstered to the original style and colour.  This process was performed by Len Worboski of Len's Custom Upholstery.  He also felt the job wasn't finished without new interior door panels.  He made up a brand new set from scratch and finished the upholstery on them as good as the original factory panels.  To the right and below are pictures of the finished job.








The previous owner had installed new quarter panels and slapped a quick paint job on it.   The car came with late 1970's Camaro aluminum wheels.
I replaced them with Corvette rally wheels which as you can see reflects the 60's look.

The next job was to replace the carpet.   I got a custom fit replacement carpet from Mid Canada Classic Auto.  The floor was cleaned up, including patching three small rust holes.  Nothing completes the job better than new reproduction sill plates!


Other things that I've done include the restoration of the console (which was autographed by Dennis Gage of My Class Car when he was in Winnipeg in 2002), completely replacing the weather-stripping, and locating and replacing exterior trim such as the Beaumont lettering and mirrors.

Future plans include engine removal and underhood detailing to my satisfaction.  And yes, I plan on keeping the original 327 cid motor.

Copyright 2004 Dennis Kellner